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We elevate space. We do this by designing pieces that reveal the natural eccentricity of geology with adventurous colour combinations. Each design we do examines what lies beneath our feet, examining 4.6 billion years of planetary behaviour. Our larger vision for the work is to enable us to hold in our consciousness more than our own time.

Founded in 2020, Emma Jackson is a multimedia art practice that endeavours to offer an insight into meaningfully ways to connect to the ground we walk on. The work we do is about belonging; knowing where your feet are. Straddling disciplines of art and geology, we aim bring earth science to a broader audience and to reveal the unique and beguiling earth story embedded in our continent.

As the daughter of a geologist Emma Jackson spent the first twelve years of her life as an expat in mining communities, in West Africa, the UK, and Western Australia. Her family’s location on the globe was based on the age and behaviour of the rock and the resources it contained. Earth Science became a meaningful way of connecting to a strange place and finding ‘home’. Jackson then trained as an architect at the University of Western Australia and did fieldwork over summer with Harry Butler, esteemed Australian naturalist, on the remote Islands off the Northwest of Australia.

Jackson then went on to work for some of Australia’s top design architects. She completed a PhD at RMIT in 2019 which proposed more appropriate ways of building on the diverse geology we have in the North of Australia.

Dr. Emma Jackson

M.arch, Phd, Director

Riley Pelham-Thorman

M.arch, Graduate Architect

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