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Eukaryote Rug

SKU 304215375135108

Eukaryotic organisms appeared on earth 2.7 billion years ago. The giant Eukaryote Cell can be easily identified from satellite imagery due to its unique Baroque shape. The bright Archean nucleus (vivid pink) is the all-seeing compound eye that has seen all time. Within the almond shape are an exotic collection of mitochondria with vividly coloured geological membranes. These are the powerhouses that contain the iron ore that fuel’s Australia’s economy. The value of this craton to earth scientists is that it has been geo-physically stable for so long, and therefore contains an intact archive of life on earth.


Time Travellers Rugs Collection

Construction Hand knotted

Pile High & low

Yarn Wool & silk

Thickness Approx. 2.5 cm

Brand: Emma Jackson

Size: 265 x 400 (cm)




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