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Ray Rug

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The Yilgarn Craton*, Australia’s largest craton, forms the body and the wings of the Giant Oceanic Manta Ray. The tail is the Darling Fault, one of the longest faults in Australia. The East side of the Ray is punctuated with harlequin-like outbursts of volcanic rock (red) that has oozed through ancient faults, like Vegemite through the holes in a SAO biscuit. This giant ray is as old as our planet and has been gliding across its surface for 4.6 billion years, shape shifting through all the earth’s oldest continents: Nuna, Rodinia, and Gondwana. Like the rest of Australia, it is on the move North-East at the rate of 7cm/year.


Time Travellers Rugs Collection

Construction Hand knotted

Pile High & low

Yarn Wool & silk

Thickness Approx. 2.5 cm

Brand: Emma Jackson

Size: 285 x 400(cm)




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