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Seahorse Rug

SKU 304215375135106

The Seahorse tells a tale of continent building during Gondwana. Its long body traces the Great Dividing Range. The Geological skin is loose and streaky around the belly, showing periods of mountain building through time, and then interrupted and spattered from tail to ears, revealing volcanic activity, faulting and folding. All of this contributes to the kaleidoscopic gothic look of the Seahorse, like a stained-glass window. A larger fault line separates the Seahorse’s face and front ear. These geologic regions are thought to be part of the Northern Australian Craton, which are closer in character to the Thorny Devil. 


Time Travellers Rugs Collection

Construction Hand knotted

Pile High & low

Yarn Wool & silk

Thickness Approx. 2.5 cm

Brand: Emma Jackson

Size: 150 x 400 (cm)




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