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Spanner Crab Rug

SKU 304215375135100

The Spanner Crab is not the hermit it appears to be. There is continuous continental crust underneath Bass Strait, connecting the Spanner Crab to the larger continent. It could be argued the separation is the other way; East-West via an extensive fault system. The West claw and side share geology with West Victoria and South Australia; while the Eastern claw and top corner is consistent with the that of the geology directly overhead in Victoria. The age difference between the Crab’s two sides (1.6 billion years) suggest that they have not long been bedfellows in geological time.


Time Travellers Rugs Collection

Construction Hand knotted

Pile High & low

Yarn Wool & silk

Thickness Approx. 2.5 cm

Brand: Emma Jackson

Size: 249 x 300 (cm)




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